before you buy

Please make sure to read through my short ‘n sweet TOS & Design Ownership Guidelines before contacting me. There you will get to know my commission process and what your rights are. I will assume you have done so and will refer to those terms.

Always taking quotes - feel free to contact privately with details of your future piece. Below are some examples and prices of standard commissions to help you with your decision. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, I’m happy to work with you on any project. Please be sure to specify general things like size, whether you want color, etc. Please know that I work best with a good amount of creative freedom, but do not be afraid to give as many details as needed.

You can view the progress of your commission publicly on my trello. You are not allowed to use my commissioned work if you chargeback me and I will make a public notice if you do not correct it in a given amount of time.

note me @ lesboys

custom character design

$65-$100+ For best results, provide a moodboard and plenty of deets. Larger and more complex designs cost extra. Will include another small view of the design if it is asymmetrical. Species designs will be transparent.

reference sheet

$85-$100+ A simple reference includes one view, a palette graphic, and a handful of notable design details surrounding it (outfit, another small view, facial markings, accessories, personality traits, etc.).

A full reference sheet includes two views, a palette graphic, and a handful of design details. More views/details can be discussed for a higher price.

custom design (caricature, logo, sticker, etc)

$70+ If real person please provide image. Specify if you want color or not.


$25-$35 / Small to medium sized, full color, shaded. Perfect for decoration, thumbnails, etc.


$55+ fully colored + shaded. Multiple characters will cost extra. Anthro or feral, complex clothing will cost extra.

painting / large piece

$200+ depending on environment, number of characters, etc.


$25+ for pixels 50 x 50 or smaller. Anything larger is subject to negotiation. Animation costs extra depending on what you’re looking for.