These are the guidelines I will adhere by during the process of your commission and thereafter.

It is expected that you as the buyer have given this page a read before contacting me.

I reserve the rights to my artwork in any form. These terms are universally applied where necessary to any commissioned or sold work by myself.

last edited Mar 11 2019

commissioning me

I am free to deny your commission for any reason.

I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time (see refunds).

Invoices (USD) will be sent through Paypal. Once received I will begin your piece.

You will be given WIPs during the stages of your commission depending on size, generally there are three stages. and I allow unlimited edits during that time. However, you may be charged for drastic edits - especially in later stages.

I reserve the right to use your finished piece as a part of my portfolio and for display purposes. I will not publicly post your commission if you request such beforehand.

I do not give out unmarked files - please do not alter or remove my watermark. If you need an unmarked file, discuss it with me prior to completion. Pieces such as tattoos will be left unmarked, so please do not share those pieces publicly as you risk getting it stolen.

Willing to work with deadlines, may incur additional charges.

Please consult for commercial use.

adopts & design ownership

Designs by myself may be used or altered in any way with the exception of the original artwork (unless given permission).

Re-posting with credit is permitted.

You may sell, trade, and gift my designs freely.

You may not make species out of designs you receive from me.

All sales are final. Consult for commercial use.


In the event of a cancellation by myself at an early stage, you will be refunded in full. However if I have put in a considerable amount of time, you will receive half of your payment.

In the case of a failed payment plan, you will be refunded half of what you have paid.

Nearly finished or completed pieces are non-refundable.